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Stories of the Month


Little Yoga Posers create imaginative also known stories with a twist. We also create  themes that would enhance their awareness about nature and the world we live in. This is to create fun, imagination and a sense adventure whilst exercising at the same time. 



Kids Yoga Wednesday's Bundle offers  - Limited number of kids- Register now!

Free Trial ! Toddler Yoga 

Monday 16th March at Chiswick House School Toddlers form other schools are welcome 

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Family Yoga Event @Power Yoga World ! 

Family Kids Yoga 

Wednesday 12th February @ 4.30 - 5.30

Family Toddler Yoga 

Wednesday 25th March @ 4.30 - 5.15

Kids Yoga Carnival - 

Wednesday 19th February 16.30-17.30

School Programs


School programs are a great way to incorporate a healthy, active yoga program into a child's day. Yoga in school offers a new way for children to be active and mindful in a comfortable school setting. Classes may be set up as part of an Enrichment Program, After School Yoga Club, Sports day, Book week or customized to your school's schedule. Contact us to learn more 

Yoga Birthday Parties


Yoga birthday parties are a fun and healthy way to celebrate. Cool music, fun yoga games, a meaningful birthday craft and mindful moments. All geared to be age-appropriate and can be customized to your theme. Contact us for more info  

Yoga At Childcare Centres


Done carefully and with professional standards, yoga can be used to teach kids valuable lessons and improve upon their developmental skills.  Yoga can help kids learn to calm down. This can be through breathing exercises, or by learning to take time to ‘be still’ so as to reduce stress acquired during their busy and active days. 

During the session the kids' enhance their imagination. We take a  trip through the jungle, etc, and incorporate doing the poses as per our imaginative journey. Contact us for more information. 


Toddler Yoga

Family Yoga Event


Toddler and Me Wednesday 25th March

 A session full of Fun, Music, Games, Focus, Flexibility and Relaxation.
Age group 2 1/2 yrs - 5 yrs (Preschool) 

@ Power Yoga World, Swieqi


Family Kids Yoga Event Wednesday 12th February

 A session full of Fun, Music, Games, Focus, Flexibility and Relaxation. 

 @ Power Yoga World, Swieqi 


What's going to happen?

 A session full of Fun, Music, Games, Focus, Flexibility and Relaxation. 

 @ Power Yoga World, Swieqi

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Free Trial - Toddler Yoga Class

Toddler Yoga Class


Click on Registration forms  & select "Toddler free trial" to register. Limited number of attendees. 


Wednesday Kids Yoga


Monday's Kids Yoga


Kids Yoga Classes

Class Packages available. 

  • 11 classes - 99 euro 
  • 8 classes - 88 euro (10 euro per class after the package)
  • 4 classes - 52 euro (10 euro per class after the package)
  • Drop in - 15 euro  

T&C apply

For registration & more info click on the below link  


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