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Little Yoga Posers create imaginative also known stories with a twist. We also create  themes that would enhance their awareness about nature and the world we live in. This is to create fun, imagination and a sense adventure whilst exercising at the same time. 



Kids Yoga Wednesday's Bundle offers  - Limited number of kids- Register now!

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Toddler & Kids Yoga is also happening this Summer at 

Chiswick House School! 

Kids Yoga Now happening on

Monday's @ San Anton School 3pm-4 pm. 

Wednesday's @ Power Yoga World, Swieqi 4.30 pm- 5.30 pm. 

Thursday's @ Chiswick House School 

2.30 pm - 3.30 pm

Toddler Yoga Now happening on

Tuesday's @ 1pm - 2pm

Thursday's @ 1pm - 2pm 

both at Chiswick House School.

Check out our Calendar for dates

Also at Kids Haven Childcare Centre


School Programs


School programs are a great way to incorporate a healthy, active yoga program into a child's day. Yoga in school offers a new way for children to be active and mindful in a comfortable school setting. Classes may be set up as part of an Enrichment Program, After School Yoga Club, or customized to your school's schedule. Contact us to learn more 

Yoga Birthday Parties


Yoga birthday parties are a fun and healthy way to celebrate. Cool music, fun yoga games, a meaningful birthday craft and mindful moments. All geared to be age-appropriate and can be customized to your theme. Contact us for more info  

Yoga At Childcare Centres


Done carefully and with professional standards, yoga can be used to teach kids valuable lessons and improve upon their developmental skills.  Yoga can help kids learn to calm down. This can be through breathing exercises, or by learning to take time to ‘be still’ so as to reduce stress acquired during their busy and active days. 

During the session the kids' enhance their imagination. We take a  trip through the jungle, etc, and incorporate doing the poses as per our imaginative journey. Contact us for more information. 

Kids & Toddler Yoga @ Chiswick House School

Kids Yoga and Toddler Yoga

Toddler Yoga Tuesday's &/or Thursday's

Starting Term 1 

Location: Chiswick House School  - Bumblebees area

Timing 13.00 - 14.00

Price 90 euro - 8 classes Tuesday's 

Price 90 euro - 8 classes Thursday's  

Check out the Calendar for dates

Kids Yoga Thursday's

Starting Term 1 

Location: Chiswick House School - Bumblebees area

Timing 14.30- 15.30

Price 110 euro - 10 classes

Check out the Calendar for dates


Kids Yoga ( 5 yrs - 10 yrs)

Kids Yoga Monday's

Starting Term 1 

Location San Anton School - dance studio

Timing 15.00 - 16.00

Price 110 euro 

Limited places! 


September 30th

October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

November 11th, 18th, 25th

December 9th, 16th

T&C apply 


Kids Yoga Classes

Class Packages available. 

  • 11 classes - 99 euro 
  • 8 classes - 88 euro (10 euro per class after the package)
  • 4 classes - 52 euro (10 euro per class after the package)
  • Drop in - 15 euro  

T&C apply

For registration & more info click on the below link  


Kids Yoga Party

Paging all parents! Planning a party for your kids/tweens? Looking for something different? Kids Yoga Party!

Parent & Toddler Yoga Event

Pre-Teen & Teen Yoga

Pre- Teen & Teen Yoga Thursday 13th June


Movement, and therefore yoga, is essential for their fast growing bodies. Through yoga Little Yoga Poses also helps them gain a lot of other essential life tools such as self-esteem and confidence, inner and outer strength, attention and concentration, respect and open communication.

For bookings & inquiries send a message to Little Yoga Posers

Price 10 euro

Age group: 10 yrs - 16 yrs

Location: At the new refurbished Pure Living, Windsor Street, Sliema (Next to Gelateria Lungomare)

*T&C apply
- Class maybe canceled if the number of yogis attending is not reached.
- Booked Yogis will be informed  


Toddler & Kids Yoga @ Chiswick House School Term 3

General info

Little Yoga Posers focuses on having fun with movement, by engaging and inspiring our little ones with kid’s yoga. We create authentic songs and stories that would engage kids perform yoga poses in a fun, energized, interesting and exciting way by getting to know their passion and interests.

Physical Benefits

Yoga builds core strength for good posture and overall physical fitness. The beauty of kid’s yoga is that it can accommodate all body shapes and sizes and it's not competitive, so it’s a good form of exercise for non-sporty kids too.

Kid’s yoga also helps to reduce the risk of injury in sports and games by maintaining flexibility and mobility in all joints and muscles. It improves balance, alignment and coordination with practice of postures.

Mental, Emotional and Social Benefits

The joy of kid’s yoga is that it increases attention span and improves concentration through the fun and exciting story structure, and the inclusion of multiple learning styles; visual, auditory and connecting emotionally to the story.

The stories in Little Yoga Posers encourage self-expression with the use of imagination and creativity, physical postures and vocal sound effects. By incorporating relaxation and breathing techniques into daily life, our little ones get better at dealing with anxiety, healthy sleeping patterns and stress.

Programme Options for Kids & Toddlers Yoga @ Chiswick House School

Toddler Yoga Age group 2 yrs – 4 yrs (Bumblebees – Early Years 2)

Tuesday’s 13.00 – 14.00

90 Euro 

Toddler Yoga Age group 2 yrs – 4 yrs (Bumblebees – Early Years 2)

Thursday’s 13.00 – 14.00

90 Euro 

Kids Yoga Age group 5 yrs – 11 yrs (Level 1 + Primary school)

Monday's April - May 14.30 - 15.30 & June (half-days) 13.00 - 14.00

90 Euro 

Term dates are published on the registration form 

Ways to register

A registration form can also be collected from CHS reception. 

Please address all payments to ”Pamela Griffin”

You may also click on the Registration form link below and send the form via email :) 

Kids from other schools can also attend!

For more information or queries you may contact Pamela on +356 79010499, FB @littleyogaposers or email


Family Yoga - 1st May 2019

Wednesday 1st May, 4.30pm - 5.30pm, Pure Living, Sliema

Family Yoga is great! In a world where parents and children are so busy, family yoga provides a wonderful place to spend healthy and happy, quality time together. Children, parents, and even grandparents get to enjoy practicing yoga together and strengthen their bonds while they support each other and have fun
A session full of Fun, Music, Games, Focus, Flexibility and Relaxation.  T&C apply
Age group 4 years - 10 years

Kid's only - 9 euro
Parent & 1 kid - 15 euro
Parent & 2 kid's - 22 euro

For bookings & inquiries send a message to Little Yoga Posers or call +356 79010499

Bundle Offer - Kids Yoga Wednesday's 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm - 38 euro (5 classes - Kids Only)

*T&C apply
- Parents/Guardians are kindly asked to take note of the term’s dates Kids Yoga Wednesdays event  (for bundle offer).
- No refunds or deductions will be made for pupils who stop attending sessions.
- In the case of sickness or injury, no partial payments will be refunded for missed lessons. 

Family Yoga


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